Small Breasts? From Bra Filling To Breast Enlargement!

One woman dreams of bigger breasts, while the other is completely happy with her modest cup size. Do you belong to the first group of women with small breasts? Then you have probably thought about a bra filling or a breast augmentation. It is important to make an informed decision. That is why Doctor Doctors tells more!

Larger breasts without surgery

Are you not satisfied with your cup size, but do you think breast surgery is too big a step? You can of course create bigger breasts yourself. This can be done in different ways, for example by:

A bra filling. Nowadays you can buy an extra filling in many stores selling bras. Although a bra filling is a quick and cheap solution, it can be a problem if, for example, you want to go to the sauna for a day. Without clothes, bikini or bathing suit you can hide small breasts inconveniently. The threshold for undressing in the presence of a (new) partner is often a lot higher.
Many women with small breasts consider breast exercises, in order to make the breasts look firmer and bigger. However, chest exercises do not contribute to the development of large breasts.

Breast augmentation: before and after

Are you looking for a permanent solution for larger breasts? Then a breast augmentation can offer a solution.

For the breast augmentation

Often you get an intake interview first, where your wishes and questions are discussed. You will receive further advice about the options for breast augmentation. Consider the shape, size, placement of the implants and the type of implants. The advantage of an intake interview is that you are not attached to anything. In case of doubt, you are not obliged to have the breast augmentation performed.

During the breast augmentation

A breast augmentation takes about an hour. Under the narcosis, the plastic surgeon makes a cut in the skin fold under your chest. Then he applies breast implants under the skin, giving your breasts more volume. As soon as the implant is in the right place, the breast is closed.

After the breast augmentation

Breasts often feel swollen and tense after breast augmentation. To support your breasts and to promote the recovery process, you will receive a sports bra . Usually you can return home the same day of the operation. Note: avoid strenuous physical exertion during the first six weeks after surgery.

Costs breast augmentation

On average, a breast augmentation in the Netherlands costs around 3500 euros. However, this amount differs per clinic, hospital or plastic surgeon. A breast augmentation is generally not reimbursed by health insurers.

Breast lift

Do you suffer from small and relaxed breasts? Then you can opt for a breast lift. Due to slackness of the breasts, the nipples sometimes end up under the breast fold. The nipple and the areola are moved to another location during a breast lift under anesthesia. The plastic surgeon can also bring the skin under the breast to each other and then attach the skin to each other. This makes the breasts firmer. A breast lift can also be used in combination with a breast augmentation.

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