One woman dreams of bigger breasts, while the other is completely happy with her modest cup size. Do you belong to the first group of women with small breasts? Then you have probably thought about a bra filling or a breast augmentation. It is important to make an informed decision. That is why Doctor Doctors […]

From perfectly lined lips to eyeliner that never smudges, permanent cosmetics offer a low-risk alternative to daily makeup application. “Wake up with Make Up!” is the alluring promise of one sector of the cosmetics industry. In a culture obsessed with beauty, some people are throwing out their lipstick in favor of a longer lasting alternative. […]

Plastic surgery is a billion dollar market that is expanding significantly every year. As of 2012, bust enhancement was the second most preferred cosmetic treatment with an estimated 316,848 operations yearly, only a pair thousand short of the leading most popular procedure being liposuction surgery. Luckily, breast augmentation has come a lengthy method considering that […]

Your Hair speaks too

The way you dress is how you will be addressed. Yes many people always talk about dressing forget that hair is part of the dressing package too. One of the first things people take note of when they meet you is your hair. Hair tells a lot about the person who has them on their […]